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Learn Slack and Use It Well

A typical Slack app window, showing multiple teams at left, a list of channels and conversations in the current team, and the active discussion in the currently selected channel at right.

I’ve written two books about Slack—Take Control of Slack Basics and Take Control of Slack Adminin a crisp, friendly tone to help you. The books are full of conceptual explanations paired with step-by-step, illustrated directions to help you get up to speed quickly, and go from a Slack beginner to a Slack master. You’ll be the person in your team other people turn to for tips and advice. The books are valuable for people in both free or paid teams, and come in all popular ebook formats in unlocked form. 

Take Control of Slack Basics

Take Control of Slack Basics helps every Slack user. The book starts by explaining how Slack apps work, and then walks you through posting messages, working with file uploads, joining and making channels, handling direct messages, managing notifications, and being productive. You can download an excerpt, which includes the full table of contents, the first few pages of each chapter, and the entire “Master the Interface” chapter.

If you’re new to Slack and your business or other group has adopted it, the book teaches you everything you need to know about using Slack efficiently and having fun along the way. Many features resist easy discovery without a helping hand, but you’ll run across a surprising amount of whimsy while using Slack.

If you’ve been using Slack but don’t feel like you’re getting enough out of it, or if it feels like a distraction you want to moderate, the book provides extensive assistance in upping your Slack game, tailoring how Slack alerts you (visually and through mobile and desktop notifications), and an entire chapter on turning down the noise. 

Take Control of Slack Admin

Take Control of Slack Admin helps you create a new Slack team (either paid or free) and manage it effectively, even if you don’t have an IT department or consultant. And if you are an IT engineer, the book explains all the details you need to keep your team running smoothly, including a full chapter on the human side of the equation.

The book steps through all the details and options of starting a new team, and then has chapters focused on manage users, building channels, working with integrations, configuring message options, and being part of creating and maintaining a culture in the team. Training materials for educating your team are also included — a PDF-based slide deck and a one-page PDF handout.

For those on the free/paid fence, the book also helps you understand why you might opt for a paid version of Slack, how to calculate costs, and which groups qualify for discounted pricing.

Download an excerpt of Take Control of Slack Admin to get more insight into how the book approaches team management. The sample includes the full table of contents, the first few pages of each chapter, and the full “Start a Team” chapter.

Join Our Public Slack Team To Get Familiar

Want to try out Slack without setting up your own team? You can dip your toes via our public Slack group, SlackBITS, where everyone is invited to ask questions and share tips about the books in particular and Slack in general, plus chat about Apple-related topics. You can join SlackBITS without having to install any Slack software.

Why You Should Consult a Book about Using Slack

Slack is an amazing group communication tool that lets people working on the same projects around the world share thoughts and files, edit documents together, and even make audio calls—and soon, share screens. It looks like group chat, but it’s so much more, as millions of regular users in tens of thousands of Slack teams have discovered.

But why do you need to read a book (or two) about using Slack?

Because it’s easy to get invited to a Slack team and post in its main channel, and yet wind up feeling lost at sea as you try to find channels, edit typos out of your messages, upload files, and more. When you want to keep something between you and a few others, should you use a direct message conversation or a private channel? How can you avoid missing out on important discussions without being overwhelmed by notifications?

The books answer these questions and much more. You don’t need to read the books from start to finish. Organized by topics and extensively cross-referenced, you can dive into any subject or skim across it.

Both titles come as a bundle of PDF, EPUB, and Mobipocket (Kindle compatible) ebooks, and can be read on any device—there’s no digital rights management imposed. The book covers Slack’s Mac OS X, Windows, iOS, and Android apps, as well as its Web app.

About the Author, Glenn Fleishman

I’m a technology journalist with decades of writing experience under my belt. I’ve written dozens of editions of books in the Take Control series and for other publishers, penned thousands of articles for the Economist, the New York TimesMacworld, TidBITS, and many other publications, and run my own editorial operations at Wi-Fi Networking News and The Magazine. You can read more of my thoughts at my blog.